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Recreation ~ Advanced Trails

Nathaniel Bowman Brown Trail
Hike out of the thornapple orchard, cross Salt Ash Road and pass into the open fields of Hawk's natural ampitheater. Nathaniel Bowman Brown, one of Plymouth's earliest settlers, was a minuteman in the Revolutionary War and came to Plymouth at the war's end. His father was the first settler to be buried in this area and his house was the site of Plymouth's first town meeting in 1759.

Kettle Bowl Trail
A precipitous trail that rises from the valley floor into the woodlands and then drops dramatically down into the "kettlebowl," one of Hawk's most unique geological formations. Due to new land ownership issues, please inquire about any limitations to hiking this trail.

Rim Run Trail
This adventurous trail is an old logging road that takes you to the Summit. Created in the early 1900s to reach virgin hardwood forests, challenging slopes become excitingly steep in some places. But your efforts will not go unrewarded. Upon reaching that final destination, called Lookout Point, you will have the opportunity to reap some of the most breathtaking views in the entire valley.
Note: Be sure to pick-up a map at our Recreation Center for the latest updates on trail information.

Whitetail Way
The steepest trail on Hawk property takes you to the very top of the Rim Run Trail. If you tire, you may want to trek over to the Bobcat or Redtail trails for an easier path. The whitetail deer often travels in this area. But be prepared for a grueling cardiovascular experience.

Trutta Trail
This trail is named both after the Salmo Trutta (brown trout) and Trutta Fin, an ancient wanderer who roamed this area in the 1700s - a renowned hunter, he supposedly caught fish barehanded from the rivers. Trutta Trail is the quickest way to get back to the Ledges Villas or Hawk's uppermost trails.

Snowy Owl Trail
In the early morning, you may see the elusive, yellow-eyed snowy owl in this area, often being pointed out by the loud crows that enjoy pestering the species. This trail will guide you down from the Rim Run Trail to the Ledges Trails.

Fisher Cat Trail
Advanced - Summer Trail Only
This rocky, precipitous climb up the side of the canyon walls that connects the Stubborn Yankee Trail and Redtail Trail is recommended only for those who crave a real workout while hiking deep into Hawk territory. A relative of the marten and member of the weasel family, the fisher cat was introduced to Vermont to curb the porcupine population. They are avid tree-climbers that can jump from tree-to-tree and their scat will often contain porcupine quills.

Stubborn Yankee Trail
Advanced - Summer Trail Only
A rocky pathway slicing its way along the basin wall while cutting under huge rock outcroppings, the name of this trail speaks for itself. While being built by three Yankees that all wanted to go a different direction at various points in the trail, the most stubborn one prevailed - thus making it a difficult route to traverse.

Canyon Trail
Advanced - Summer Trail Only
This unique trail offers some grueling terrain while cutting across the canyon ridge. It meanders along the canyon wall through northern hardwoods and a rocky spruce promontory, while interconnecting the Ledges Trails with both Rim Run and Redtail below one of the Lookout points.

Telemark Hiking Trail
Advanced - Summer Trail Only
This steep incline, originally used as a telemark skiing trail, offers the most direct route from the valley floor to the Ledges (provided you have the stamina to complete it). The Telemark Trail rises a dramatic 500 vertical feet in approximately half a mile, and can test even the best conditioned individual.

Rucks Run
Advanced - Summer Trail Only
This steep trail will take you from the uppermost section of the Rim Run Trail all the way down to the valley floor. Rucks Run provides a tough workout and is only meant for the physically fit.

Redtail Trail
Advanced - Summer Trail Only
This route will bring you around the kettlebowl and connects the Canyon Trail to Rim Run at a lower section. Redtail can be a quick route if you are hiking to the Lakeview Observation Point from Whitetail Way. The trail is named after the fast-flying, broad-winged Redtail Hawk that can often be seen soaring high above the mountaintops in this area.

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