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Recreation ~ Biking and Jogging

With miles upon miles of quaint country roads in the Hawk area, bicycling and jogging opportunities are endless. Scenic Route 100, at the entrance of the Resort, is one of the most popular cycling routes in the country. You will frequently find professional cyclists training on this challenging course throughout the warm-weather months. From short excursions within the Resort, to an advanced 23-mile-long road biking tour showcasing the Vermont countryside, Hawk's recreation staff will gladly point you down the path best suited to your needs and ability.

Surrounding Route 100, and throughout Hawk property, are the quiet back roads that have made Vermont famous. Composed of expanded centuries-old military trails shouldering markers of British colonial history, these back roads are best suited for mountain biking. Hawk offers biking where you'll explore miles of old logging roads that surround Buffalo Brook, called Gold Mine Brook by the locals. This was the area where gold was discovered in 1855, creating the "eastern gold rush."

Whatever your pleasure - mountain bikes (suspension and non-suspension), road bikes, children's bikes, even tandem bikes - all are available at the Hawk Recreation Center to set you on your way through the picturesque Vermont countryside.

Recommended Area Bike Touring and Jogging Excursions

General Information

  • Before setting out on any of these routes, please pick-up a copy of Hawk's Bicycling and Jogging Map, and any equipment you may need, at the Hawk Recreation Center.
  • We request that helmets (provided at the Recreation Center) be worn at all times when biking.
  • Please be aware of the weather forecast prior to setting out.
  • Whether biking or jogging, be sure to bring along a water bottle to keep hydrated. Fill it with either water or juice preferably.

For more information, please call (802) 672-3811.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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