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Recreation ~ Biking and Jogging ~ Lake Country Loop

This 8.9 mile loop around the Black River Valley's three main lakes-Lake Amherst, Lake Echo and Lake Rescue-is a bit shorter than the full Four Lakes Tour; however, it will still provide a great introduction to the geography of the area.

Lake Country Loop


Depart from Hawk on Billings Road toward the Hawk Stables
0.6 miles, bear left onto Scout Camp Road
Pass Meadow Hawk Road on left
2.0 miles, pass cemetary
Pass Plymouth Camp State Park
2.6 miles, cross over Kingdom Road
Continue onto Buswell Road
3.0 miles, pass red home on hill to the right
3.5 miles, view of Okemo
3.7 miles, pass Combes Family Inn
4.0 miles, at fork stay straight on East Lake Road
4.4 miles, turn right onto Red Bridge Road
4.6 miles, cross over Red Bridge
4.8 miles, turn right on Route 100
5.0 miles, pass Farm Ridge on left
6.4 miles, pass Echo Lake Inn & Kingdom Road
8.9 miles, turn right onto Billings Road at Hawk

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For more information, or to make reservations for equipment or a guided tour, please call (802) 672-3811.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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