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Recreation ~ Boating ~ Kayaking

The Hawk Marina maintains a collection of single and double Walden Paddler kayaks, with spray covers available, for whether you want to embark on a slow, shallow-water paddle up the serpentine Black River, or practice your advanced rolling techniques in the deep waters of Lake Amherst. With Walden Paddlers kayaks, you are assured of benefitting from the latest in innovative boat design, world-class tracking, glide and final stability. Best of all, Walden Paddlers are environmentally-safe - the only kayaks in the world manufactured entirely from 100% recycled materials.

Hawk maintains a great variety of kayaks for your enjoyment

Climbing into a kayak, the lightest weight, most maneuverable boats available at the Marina, will provide you the unique opportunity to explore further up the Black River than by any other means. Bringing you deep into Hawk's 70-acre Nature Preserve, the kayak will free you from the boundaries of Hawk's extensive trail network to survey areas from the water that are rarerly seen by humans.


A newly emerged sport, try your hand at "flyaking" - with a special attachment to the boat, this sport combines the exhilaration of kayaking with the novelty of fly-fishing. And being in the heart of some of the best fly-fishing waters in the country can't hurt your chances at success.

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For reservations or for more information, please call (802) 672-3811.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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