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Recreation ~ Snowshoeing ~ Advanced Trails

Rim Run Trail
This adventurous trail is an old logging road that takes you to the Summit. Created in the early 1900s to reach virgin hardwood forests, challenging slopes become excitingly steep in some places. But your efforts will not go unrewarded. Upon reaching that final destination, you'll reap the most breathtaking views in the entire Black River Valley.
Note: Large sections of the Rim Run Trail are recommended for summer hiking only due to the severe nature of some of the terrain. Be sure to pick-up a map at our Recreation Center for the latest updates on trail information.

Whitetail Way
The steepest snowshoeable trail on Hawk property takes you to the very top of the Rim Run Trail. If you tire, you may want to trek over to the Bobcat or Redtail trails for an easier path.

Trutta Trail
Named after the Salmo Trutta (brown trout), this trail is the quickest way to get back to the Ledges Villas or Hawk's uppermost mountain trails.

Snowy Owl Trail
In the early morning, you may see the elusive snowy owl in this area, often being pointed out by the loud crows that enjoy pestering the species. This trail will guide you down from the Rim Run Trail to the Ledges Trails.

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For more information on snowboarding around the area, please call (802) 672-3811.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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