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Recreation ~ Snowshoeing

If it's a "hot" sport that you're after, which the whole family can enjoy, snowshoeing is it. America has suddenly rediscovered the healthy joys of snowshoeing - and realized that there is no better place than Vermont for stepping-out into winter. Snowshoeing has been a way of life in the Green Mountains for well over a century, long before the sport became fashionable again. We've got countless ways to make tracks into the snowy wilderness, whether you're looking for a nature trek, a climb or a full-fledged winter workout. Best of all, when you strap on snowshoes in Vermont, you step into a spectacular landscape that seems to have been made just for the sport, all while enjoying one of the healthiest forms of winter exercise.

Snowshoeing is a great, complete body, workout

If you've never tried snowshoeing, but want to get started, Hawk will have you outfitted and trekking into our vast network of dedicated snowshoeing trails geared toward individuals of all abilities - beginner, intermediate and advanced - in no time at all. The fact that Vermont has stepped ahead of the pack in leading the resurgence in snowshoe popularity is hardly surprising when you consider that the state's own Tubbs Company has spent nearly a century as the leader in the sport. In 1989, Tubbs largely pioneered the revolutionary makeover in snowshoes that has created durable, lightweight equipment with secure step-in bindings, and cool designs that enable snowshoers to trek almost anywhere with ease.

So come and try snowshoeing in its ideal state. It's invigorating exercise, a perfect activity for families and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages, and an inexpensive sport that is only as difficult as you want it to be. And when you snowshoe at Hawk, you'll find a hidden world of surprising beauty and winter adventure. In other words, you'll be taking the perfect steps to enjoying winter in Vermont.

Snowshoeing is a perfect activity for families and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages

Tips from Tubbs Snowshoes

What to Wear:
We advise dressing in layers: lightweight, breathable long underwear; then an absorbent layer of insulation - wool or fleece is best; and finally wind-resistant outerwear. Be prepared to be quite warm while moving, and to cool-off quickly once stopped. Warm, dry feet are essential - layer with silk or a comparable liner under a wool sock to absorb moisture. Use waterproof boots; gaiters are excellent for keeping snow out of boots and away from clothing.

Snowshoe Safety:
A day pack for essentials including ample water and food supply is highly recommended for anything other than short walks. Emergency first aid supplies are always a good idea. Hikers should advise the Recreation Center, as well as friends or family, as to destination and estimated time of return, and check with the local weather service or Hawk staff before setting out. Also be sure to have a trail map with you. It is not recommended to trek alone or to begin your trek late in the day if you are unfamiliar with Hawk's trail network.

Hawk is the ideal location for a day of snowshoeing

General Information

  • Be aware of the weather forecast and sunset times.
  • Do not venture out on unfamiliar trails late in the afternoon and never leave marked trails.
  • Walking and dogs are permitted on the dedicated snowshoe trails.
  • Always check in first at the Hawk Recreation Center to receive equipment, trail maps and an updated report on the trail conditions

For more information on snowboarding around the area, please call (802) 672-3811.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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