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Recreation ~ Snowboarding ~ Killington and Pico

Whether you drop into the pipe, carve-up the slopes or find big air in the two snowboard parks, Killington has it all for snowboarders. Cruisers, trees, parks and pipes. Killington even has a permanent Boarder Cross course where you can snowboard head-to-head with your friends as often as you want. The three snowboard parks have just the right mix of big air jumps, hips, spines, rails, rolls and a bunch of table tops, groomed every day.

Killington Mountain

With three halfpipes, you should get plenty of time in the air. The monster is the new, 420-foot-long "K-Pipe" featuring 15-foot walls, which is lighted at night. Meanwhile, the "Peace Pipe" is specially geared toward novice riders. Killington grooms all the pipes every night with their state-of-the-art halfpipe groomer to make sure that you're getting the smoothest ride possible. There's even a mini-pipe and beginner park where you can practice your new tricks. Plus, all of Killington's parks and pipes are serviced by an extensive network of lifts so you'll spend less time hiking and more time flying.

Full Access to the Slopes

All of Killington trails are open to snowboarders

All mountain areas at Killington (that's all seven mountains...) are open to snowboarders, and a halfpipe-only ticket is offered to riders in the world-class halfpipe at the bottom of the Highline Trail. A slew of snowboard events including big air contests and slopestyle competitions are offered throughout the season. For those just starting-out however, the Guaranteed-Learn-to-Snowboard Clinic offers new riders the chance to learn the sport at an easy pace.

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For more information on snowboarding at Killington and Pico Mountains, please call (802) 672-3811.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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