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Attractions ~ Hawk's Natural Surroundings

Vermont's seasons turn with an astonishing loveliness and delicacy... and Hawk offers an enviable vantage point.

Vermont is simply one of the most beautiful places on earth. Each of its four seasons is a masterpiece. Set in a geological bowl carved out eons ago by a small glacier, Hawk takes glorious advantage of this rare wonder which serves as the Resort's core - its earthly connection to then and now. Everything in Hawk's vision serves to further its environment. Synchronicity, not coincidence, is the essence of Hawk's choice of location.

The Black River in Autumn

In summer, Vermont's valleys are sweet with clover, and clear streams meander alongside quiet country roads. Dairy farms punctuate the hillsides as traditional ways of life continue as they have for generations.

Autumn brings one of nature's most delightful extravagances. As the air turns crisp, emerald peaks turn every imaginable hue of red, yellow, orange and gold. It is a time for fresh apple cider, country fairs and touring the quaint local villages.

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