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Attractions ~ Hawk's Guide to Vermont Shopping ~ Black River Gallery

Exhibiting the works of some of Vermont's most intriguing artists, Hawk's very own Black River Gallery is artfully positioned between the two buildings of the Hawk Inn. Overlooking an exceptionally picturesque bend of the Black River that runs through the Resort's 1,200 acres, the gallery offers a view which complements the beauty that hangs upon its walls.

Strolling past the numerous paintings and photographs, you may be surprised to suddenly come upon a picture window that perfectly frames the Vermont landscape - much like the paintings which interpret it on both sides of you. Comparing the real to the inspired will put you in the shoes of the painter and allow you a glimpse at precisely what motivates many of these Vermont artists.

Black River Gallery

All in all, you are sure to leave the Black River Gallery with a fresh appreciation of Vermont's unique natural surroundings and the unparalleled talent that is compelled to interpret them.

Artists Currently Exhibiting at Black River Gallery

Gayl M. Braisted
Ms. Braisted is a graduate of Middlebury College where she studied watercolor with Arthur K. D. Healy. She has an M.A. from Manhattanville College with a concentration on architectural history. After having spent many years in the fields of graphic design and photography, she redirected her focus to pen & ink architectural renderings and models. Mrs. Braisted returned to watercolor painting, intrigued by producing the same sharp detail with brush and paint as she has with pen & ink. Her watercolors depict Vermont scenes exclusively, the majority of which feature Vermont vernacular architecture. Her work has been seen in shows in Westchester County, NY, and is included in the collections of Historic Hudson Valley and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, as well as in private collections.

Alice's Flower Garden by Judith Carbine

Judith C. Carbine
A graduate of the University of Vermont, Ms. Carbine is a self-taught artist who began painting for the sheer pleasure of it. Her technique is influenced by French and American Impressionism, using both paint and surface to convey her visual experience of the subject. Her painting is made through the devices of composition, color and light. She has received numerous awards for her work which has been shown in exhibits throughout the United States and Great Britain. Ms. Carbine has been profiled in American Artist Magazine, and her work has been published in the books The Zen of Creative Painting and Strengthen Your Paintings with Dynamic Composition. A collection of her work can also be seen currently at the Todd Gallery in Weston.

Harry W. Dayton
Born on Long Island in the years before the War, Vermont artist Harry Dayton has been sketching and painting since childhood - his artist mother being his first teacher. He studied art and advertising design with Alice Thornton at John Brown University, and later at the Whitman School of Design in Manhattan. Later, he studied extensively with noted artists Jean Koroluck, Frank Webb and Christopher Schink. He has been especially influenced by the California style of watercolor of the 1930s. He exhibits his minimalist watercolors (and a smaller collection of oils) throughout the Northeastern U.S. and has won numerous awards for his work. He currently resides in Weston, VT.

Judith Carrara Gould
Ms. Gould is a native Vermonter whose home and studio are in Shrewsbury, a country setting and picturesque community that provides the inspiration for much of her work. Educated in the field of business, in 1969 she decided to follow a lifelong dream and devote herself to a full-time career in art. So, she went to study with several well-known artists, including Rudolph Colao, Ferdinand Petrie, Ray Loos, Paul Leveille, Charles Movalli, Ron Goyette and Zoltan Szabo. Proficient in nearly all media, Ms. Gould chooses the one which lends itself best to the subject or technique she wishes to render. She "understands the sometimes gentle but often unruly, tempermental nature of our beautiful state," and prefers watercolor for its freshness, spontaneity and ability to capture the elusive mood of the Vermont landscape. Her work has been exhibited widely in solo and group shows throughout the United States and hangs in private and corporate collections worldwide.

Keith Hoffman
Born and raised in the New York City area, Mr. Hoffman began selling his paintings while working in the recording industry in 1972, and shortly thereafter dedicated himself to a full-time career as an artist, watercolor instructor and demonstrator. In 1986, he decided to relocate to Vermont, particularly because he had found many of his most fascinating subjects here. Among his favorite motifs are the old homes and farm buildings which are so much a part of the New England landscape. The recipient of numerous awards, his work can also be seen at American Country Designs in Jamaica, VT, Gallery on the Green in Woodstock and Manchester, VT, and many other galleries throughout New England, New York and Pennsylvania. Mr. Hoffman currently resides in Jamaica, VT.

Peter B. Huntoon
A native of Rutland, Vermont, Mr. Huntoon has been an active watercolorist since 1994, creating representational works of art using impressionistic style. He produces work that is inspired by both the New England landscape and its people. Having a lifelong interest in the arts, Mr. Huntoon has worked in oils and acrylics, pen & ink, woodcarving, and now paints exclusively in transparent watercolor after studying under both Frank Webb and Zoltan Szabo. He still enjoys woodworking, however, and puts that skill to use in handcrafting each of his picture frames from native Vermont wood. His work is held in private collections and galleries throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Allison Kibbe
A native of Fishers Island, New York, Ms. Kibbe paints primarily with a palette knife in bright and vibrant tones, lending particular care to color harmony and use of space. Her early studies in New York City were at the NY Studio School with Estaban Vicente and Robert Storr of the Museum of Modern Art, and at the Art Students' League with Knox Martin. She later apprenticed with Eve Dawson (another palatte specialist) at both the National Arts Club in New York and at the Grist Mill Gallery in Chester, Vermont. Ms. Kibbe has been exhibiting professionally since 1980, and has won numerous awards including the 1998 Duck's Unlimited Artist of the Year. Most recently, her work has been featured in the Spring 1999 issue of Better Homes & Garden's Decorating Magazine. Her work is represented in corporate and private collections worldwide, including the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, China, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Iceland, Israel, Bermuda and South Africa. Ms. Kibbe currently resides and maintains her studio at the Grist Mill in Chester, VT.

Maggie Lake
Maggie Lake and her husband Tracy are the proprietors of Vermont Botanical, a small workshop in Grafton, Vermont, where they handcraft artistry from nature. Maggie's love and knowledge of plants and herbs leads her on gathering expeditions throughout Vermont, and to places as far away as the alpine tundra fields of Alaska. With these plant specimens, she creates her one-of-a-kind botanicals.
Meanwhile, Tracy logs, saws and shapes local and select hardwoods into frame stock, anchoring each corner with an ebony spline. They choose each frame to accent each piece. The work of these artist is currently on extensive display both in the Gallery and throughout the Hawk property.

John W. Long
An American artist and craftsman, John Long has been known as "Artist in Wood" for twenty years; and his "paintings in wood" evoke a special calm and serenity. John was born in Lebanon, PA, in 1949 to parents of Pennsylvania German and British decent. At the age of eight, he and his family moved to Vermont to become part of the new and growing ski industry. Once here, John studied drawing, drafting, architectural perspective, oil painting, and wood carving. His skills in wood joinery and his unique designs, however, are entirely self-taught and remain the product of years of experience. He has developed a distinctive style that is simple and cleanly executed. His combination of "found wood" and architectural design have the power to make every creation so very real and life-like. John lives on a small family farm in Newfane, Vermont with his wife Emily and children, Benjamin and Emma.

Donald Allen Mosher
A descendent of shipbuilders from Nova Scotia and farmers from Maine, Donald Mosher spends most of his painting time split between the powerful movement of the sea and the peaceful tranquility of the New England countryside. He has been painting professionally since graduating from the Vesper George School of Art in 1968. For nearly 20 years, his main concentration was watercolors. In 1988, he began working in oil and now has an equally impressive reputation for this medium. His oils have an appearance of having been painted several decades ago. He accomplishes this special feeling through a combination of subject matter, brush stroke and color. At age eight, he won his first art award and subsequently has won over 150 prizes for his work. His paintings hang in the permanent collections of the Peabody Museum, The First National Bank of Boston, the Shawmut Bank and the Massachusetts State House, as well as many private collections.

Robert J. O'Brien
Born in Rochester, New York, Mr. O'Brien has been painting in the watercolor medium for over 25 years. He has studied with such well-known artists as James Whatford, Tony Couch and Marshall Joyce. A traditional painter of landscape and architectural studies, he received the Honor Award for Watercolor at the 1996 Academic Artists Association National Exhibit. He has participated in solo and group showings throughout the United States and was featured in Artists of New England Vol. 1. His work is maintained in private collections in both the U.S. and abroad. Mr. O'Brien currently resides in Perkinsville, VT.

Bruce Peeso
With paintings that cover a myriad of locales, Bruce Peeso depicts the subjects that are America. An old farmhouse. A solitary barn. These images recur throughout his work, suggesting a grander past. His acrylic paintings today focus on the American landscape. Drawing on the traditions of the painters of the Hudson River School, his extensive travels provide him with a unique sense of land, its color and its atmosphere. The strength and serenity of his paintings can be attributed to its simplicity. Corporate and private collectors of Mr. Peeso's work include The Albany Museum of Art, The Walt Disney Corporation, The Rocky Mountain News, The Scotts Company, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Merrill and Mr. Burt Reynolds. Bruce and his wife Jude divide their year between their summer home in Massachusetts and winter residence in Florida. Their dog, Gracie, is a constant traveling companion.

Joshua R. Reynolds
A professional photographer, Joshua Reynolds has been photographing the world as he sees it since he was very young. Mr. Reynolds has traveled extensively documenting scenes that give the viewer of his art a glimpse at how he visualizes his surroundings. Color, composition and light are the three main elements that give his work a unique look. After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography, he developed a practice as a freelance photographer. In 1997, Mr. Reynolds started his own business, JR Imaging, Inc. Based in Annapolis, Maryland, Mr. Reynolds has traveled throughout South America and as far south as Cape Horn, although Vermont has truly become his home away from home. He travels to the Green Mountain State several times a year, usually to enjoy and photograph the natural beauty of the changing seasons.

Margot Saeger
Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Margot received her fine arts training at the University of Guelph, where she earned a bachelor's degree in Sociology and Fine Arts. Her career began as an editorial cartoonist and graphic designer at the Huntsville Forester in Ontario, where she also first exhibited her paintings in local galleries. She continued as a graphic designer at the Halifax Herald in Nova Scotia, and came to work at the Stowe Reporter in 2000. Painting is her favorite leisure time activity. Since moving to Stowe, her whimsical style has blossomed, influenced by the beauty and simplicity of the surrounding environment. She lives in Stowe with her husband Russ, their dog Jade and cats Moe and Zoey.Davis Te Selle
A native of the San Francisco Bay area, Mr. Te Selle is currently working on new prints in the Lake Champlain Valley and occasionally teaching at the University of Vermont. He attended California College of Arts and Crafts and holds both a B.A. in Drawing and Design and an M.F.A. in Printmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute where he studied with Kathan Brown, Richard Graf and Gordon Cook. His work reflects a love for the natural world and a keen environmental concern for sustaining the vitality and beauty of the landscape. Mr. Te Selle's images are hand-printed stone lithographs in no more than 50 prints, some considerably smaller. In this traditional process, the drawings are executed directly on the textured surface of beautiful limestone slabs with a crayon-like pencil. They are hand-printed from the stone on an antique cast-iron Parks litho press. This classic graphic printing technique carries the sensibility of its 19th-century origins with its capacity for subtle, detailed tonal renderings. Of all hand-printing techniques, lithography most honors the range of expression in the draftsman's hands. Several of the newer works are drawn in a similar manner on hand-ground glass which yields the same, or even enhanced, tonal sensitivity as the stone. Three plates are made from the drawings and then printed in a tri-tone overlay. Mr. Te Selle has participated in both solo and group exhibitions throughout the Northeast and northern California. Winner of several awards, Te Selle's work has been featured in numerous publications, including the Stephanie Kaza novel The Attentive Heart. Mr. Te Selle currently resides in Burlington, VT.

Robert Todd Painting

Robert E. Todd
Born in Alaska and raised in Washington state, Mr. Todd has been earning a living as an artist since the age of seventeen. He attended art school in Seattle, taking full advantage of the thriving Pacific Northwest artistic community, though upon graduating began his career in advertising. After 20 years he left that business to pursue his first love... fine art. In 1986, he and his wife moved to Vermont and began concentrating on painting rural scenes of both the Green Mountain state and the "Green Isle" - Ireland - home of his maternal grandparents. His paintings are exhibited in both private and corporate collections throughout the United States and Europe, as well as in his own gallery in Weston, VT.

Bradford Voight
Born in New England, Mr. Voight's paintings are representational with a painterly approach. They are, for the most part, inspired by the rocky coast and forested hills and meadows of the Northern New England uplands. Mr. Voight works in both oil and watercolor, the difference being that his chosen medium affects his approach. For the artist, oil painting has a physical texture and may be somewhat intellectual, whereas watercolor (with its wonderful luminosity and flow) is almost visceral. His chief concerns are with pattern, composition and light, while preserving his emotional response to the subject. He has conducted successful painting workshops throughout New England for various sponsors. His work is represented in over 400 public, corporate and private collections in the U.S. and abroad. Mr. Voight currently resides in Grafton, VT, where he also paints from the North Orchard Studio.

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