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The Spa at Hawk ~ Massage and Body Treatments

If you really want to pamper yourself during your stay, slip into a private massage suite at the Hawk Spa and let one of our trained massage therapists knead away your tensions and soothe your tired muscles. Or request a masseuse to be sent up to your Hawk mountainside villa, so that afterwards you don't have to do anything except drift off into a deep sleep.

Pamper yourself with a private massage

Massage affects the body and mind as a whole, increasing blood and lymph flow and allowing you to become distinctly aware of the symbiotic relationship prevalent between all parts of your physical self. It is intended to stretch and loosen muscles, facilitate the removal of metabolic wastes resulting from either exercise or inactivity, and increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to cells and tissue. In addition, massage stimulates the release of endorphins - the body's natural painkiller - into the brain and nervous system. Mentally, massage therapy provides a relaxed state of alertness, reduces anxiety and mental stress and enhances capacity for calm thinking and creativity.

A massage and accompanying body treatment will combine all these rewards to allow you to fully appreciate your time at Hawk.

Signature Treatments

Vermont Rose Petal
Treat yourself to a body of rose petals! Starting with a gentle exfoliation using our Floral Garden Sugar polish, the treatment continues with our exquisite Jasmine Rose Honey Wrap. Deprived from organic botanicals, pure essential oils, honey, pure Vermont Maple Syrup, and nourishing skin emollients, it will nourish, soften, and improve the skin's circulation. This fabulous treatment concludes with a full body Rose Lavender Body Butter massage to leave your skin Rose Petal soft. 80 minutes: $160

At Hawk, our spa facilities are second to none

Mocha Delight
Our Anti-Oxidizing Coffee Scrub and Coffee Clay Wrap are formulated with organic Fair Trade Coffee, organic sugar, and a special cleansing formula of essential oils, Clay and Kelp. Together, these products will exfoliate, deeply detoxify the skin, and help eliminate signs of cellulite. We top this off with our Chocolate Body Butter to make our Mocha Delight. You will love it!
80 minutes: $160

Hot Oil Wrap
Unwind as our custom warm oil flows over your body. Immerse yourself into a deep state of relaxation as you are cocooned in a warm wrap while receiving a neck and scalp massage. Choose Deep Calm to relax muscular tension, Invigorate to increase circulation and rejuvenate sore muscles, or Northern Comfort to indulge the five senses and leave you feeling perfectly balanced. Includes a full body massage.
80 minutes: $160

Body Polish
A luxurious and moisturizing treatment that will leave your skin hydrated and silky smooth. Choose from Floral Garden, Ginger Snap, or Spruce Cedarwood. This treatment ends with an application of your chosen scent's quenching Body Butter.
50 minutes: $110

Massage Therapy

Focus Massage
Neck, Back, and Shoulders;Hand and Foot;Head and Neck
30 minutes:$70

Swedish Massage

A traditional, soothing massage with long flowing strokes to promote relaxation and wellness. 
50 minutes:$100
80 minutes:$140

Deep Tissue Massage
A deeper, firmer therapeutic massage that utilizes techniques that release chronic pain and muscle tension. This type of massage aims to manipulate fascia and connective tissue and will be more intense than other forms of massage.
50 minutes:$120
80 minutes:$160

Sports Massage
An invigorating massage designed to facilitate joint mobility. We use a specialty oil for this treatment that will help rejuvenate sore and overworked muscles. Assisted stretching is incorporated for relief and injury prevention.

Aromatherapy Massage
Your choice of custom Aromatherapy oils.  We have oils for Deep Calm, Invigorate, and Northern Comfort.
50 minutes:$115
80 minutes:$155

River Stone Massage
Healing with stones is an ancient form of therapy. Stones from river beds radiant with heat are used to massage and work the muscles. Trails of heat flow across your body and melt away every bit of tension.
50 minutes:$120
80 minutes:$160

Prenatal Massage
Indulge yourself while you assist your body in its transition through pregnancy. Experience how prenatal therapy relieves tension and discomfort.

In Chinese tradition, the soles of the feet mirror the systems of the body. Through massage, the reflex points are stimulated to promote health and balance within the body.
25 minutes:$60 
50 minutes:$100

All of our Signature Treatments come with our Blissful Hands and Feet treatment and are finished off with our fabulous Body Butter

Spa Packages

At Hawk, you can design your very own spa day! First, select the package you want, then choose the components you desire to make up your spa package:

I. Two 25-minute treatments and one 50-minute treatment
2 hours: $200

II. One 25-minute and two 50-minute treatments
2.5 hours:$240

III. Two 25-minute and two 50-minute treatments
3 hours:$300

Body Scrubs (25 minutes)
Your choice of:
Floral Garden
Spruce Cedarwood
Ginger Snap

Aromatherapy Wrap (25 minutes)
Your choice of:
Northern Comfort
Deep Calm

Focus Massage (25 minutes)
Your choice of:
Neck, Back, Shoulders
Hand and Foot
Head and Neck

Body Butter Massage (50 minutes)
Your choice of:
Rose Lavender
Bergamot Lime

Facials: 50 minutes
Hawk's Signature Facial
Ocean Cleanse Facial

Custom Spa Packages

Men's Package
Gentleman's Facial and 80 minute full body massage.
2 1/2 hours: $220
Vermont Package
Northern Comfort Aromatherapy Wrap, Full Body Massage, Hawk's Signature Facial plus Blissful Hands and Feet Treatment
2 1/2 hours: $240


At Hawk, you can design your very own spa day!

Skin Care

Hawk's Signature Facial

With nature's purest holistic botanical and marine elements, this facial is designed to deliver outstanding visible results.  A deep cleaning treatment, including a gentle exfoliation, luxurious facial massage, and rejuvenating mask.  The perfect combination of luxury and science.            50 minutes:  $90

Ocean Cleanse Facial

Rich in Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, this facial brings gifts from the sea to your skin. We begin with our Ocean Cleanse treatment and conclude with our Lavender Spirulina Facial Mask to leave your skin clean and packed with nutrients.
50 minutes: $90

Gentleman's Facial

Restore health and vitality to your skin with a deep cleansing herbal treatment followed by a relaxing face,neck and scalp massage. This ultimate refuge from stress will leave your mind and body refreshed.
50 minutes: $90

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Reservations are required in advance for all massage therapy and body treatment sessions. For more information on current availability and prices, or to make reservations, please call (802)672-3811.

All services, packages, and prices are subject to change, and reservations are dependant on availability.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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