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Recreation ~ Springtime Activities

In springtime, the Vermont countryside slowly flushes with tints of green, as the maple sap begins to flow and nature's cycle starts anew...

Each year come April, the swollen Black River that flows through Hawk begins carrying the melting snows downstream, and the longer days of sunlight thin the ice mantle on the region's lakes. Meanwhile, droplets of maple sap slowly filling tin buckets prove timeless harbingers of nature stirring.

In springtime, the Vermont countryside slowly flushes with tints of green, as the maple sap begins to flow and nature's cycle starts anew

Only these three magical months of springtime can truly combine both the cold- and warm-weather recreational opportunities that make Vermont a favorite destination among travelers year-round. Come early enough in the season and you may still catch some prime cross-country skiing on the lower trails in the Hawk Valley and snowshoeing on the upper reaches of the mountain range. Before the snows have completely disappeared, however, Hawk's trail network quickly transforms itself into paths of discovery for residents and guests venturing-off into the woods for an exploratory hike. Others take to more conventional, though no less spectacular, routes for biking and jogging in the crystal-clear Vermont air.

Springtime is a happy time at Hawk

Well into the month of May, you will find downhill skiers and snowboarders still enjoying themselves on the slopes of Okemo and Killington, while mountain golf courses and Hawk's tennis courts are already green and bustling with visitors eager to pound-out 18 championship holes or hit a grand-slam. As the leaves begin to bloom in the mountainsides, hawks and other migrating birds return to the Resort's Nature Preserve to build nests for the next generation. The Hawk Marina also opens in May, with visitors venturing out onto the calm waters of Lake Amherst for exploration of a different kind. Whether in a boat, a pair of waders, or just idly standing on the shore, fly-fishing season has descended upon Vermont, with many a trout hopping at lines both on Hawk property and elsewhere in the region. Whatever activities you plan to immerse yourself in, you'll be happy to call upon the Hawk Spa at the end of the day to help relax, refresh and renew - just as springtime intended.

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